About Us

mikros or μικρός

Greek adjective
1. short
2. small
3. little


Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m 5 feet short. I have always struggled to find clothing that fits me properly. I either look like a child in her mother’s clothing or I just look like a child, because I am actually wearing children’s clothing. I was sick of spending money on clothes that didn’t fit me properly, to then only spend more money on having them altered. One day, I had simply had enough, and Mikros Clothing was born.



Mikros Clothing designs and sells clothing for those under 165cm, with a strong focus on the essentials. We aim to reduce the negative impacts clothing production has on the environment and maintain the highest fair work standards. We do this by:

1. Using fabrics with minimal environmental impacts.
2. Choosing an Australian manufacturer, with an accreditation from Ethical Clothing Australia.
3. Small ranges and production runs. 

While our garments are designed with a shorter frame at the forefront, our clothes are definitely not strictly limited to those under 165cm. We come in all genders, shapes and sizes, so if you like it and it makes you feel good, OWN IT!